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Find GPS location from Images/Picutres ! Reading and modifying metadata with Exiftool – HOXFRAMEWORK

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Hello everyone and welcome back!

Today we are going to be taking a look at a tool called EXIFTOOL – used for viewing and modifying metadata in images!

In order to install the tool all you have to do is copy the .exe file to your windows directory and you can run it from the command prompt. (download it from by Phil Harvey)
-This is an install for windows, for linuxes you can do stuff like:

apt-get install exiftool
apt install exiftool
pacman -S exiftool
… depending on your package manager and/or your linux distro.

So in order to start the program we hold shift and press right click and open command prompt in the folder (ofc you can manually navigate to it if you want to) and we write in : exiftool
-And you get the data
-We can also see the binary data by adding “-b” argument

-Here in the metadata you can find all sorts of stuff including CTF Flags or GPS Location latitude and longitude.

-You can also delete all of the metadata (that can be deleted) from the image by using:

exiftool -all=
-dont forget a space after the =

-I also pointed out in the video that most websites wipe metadata from uploaded photos. Meaning (FB/INSTA/…) site will delete the metadata and/or fill it up with their metadata.

-Also you can view metadata using notepad++ too

-You can also add your own metadata ,for example a comment:

exiftool -comment=SubToHoxFramework myimage.jpg

And there you have it !

Thats it, thank you so much for watching
and have a nice day. 🙂